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Examples of Figurative Sculpture

Background: This blog is created for students studying figurative sculpture. Below are figurative sculpture examples by various artists. There is no chronology in the listing of these artists. I will send a notification when I add more examples or technical information to share. If you respond to a particular artist, continue your search and seek out where to see examples of their work in person. There is nothing like seeing a work of art in person. You will be able to observe the pieces in terms of the three-dimensional flow of movement, form, and surface. Take note of the artists you respond to and why. It is essential that you learn from the art that you love as much as from the study of technique.  Unless you are a forensic artist, anatomy alone will not provide you with the tools to make sculpture.

example of an ecorche (flayed figure)sculpture

Ecorche created in Z-Brush (computer software)

Examples of Figure Sculpture 
Please notice that the details are always subordi…